What Kind Of water in a vase keeps flowers alive longer?

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The Water In a Vase

Can be a matter of life or death (for your flowers)

Before you put tap water in a vase consider this: tap water, also known as “city water”, can vary a from town to town — or even street to street. 

Some cities spend a lot of money on making sure they provide clean, healthy water to their citizens. But unfortunately that is not always true. Sometimes its a matter of corruption or ineptitude, but for other cities there can be more problems than can be financially addressed. 

We all pay taxes but the sad reality is some people get more for their tax dollars. The water crisis in Fint Michigan made headlines, but city water issues around the country can go much deeper than aging infrastructures and lead contamination also include pollution or drought.

Even cities that don’t have problems with lead pipes and have what is considered “good” water quality can still have issues with “hard” water. 

What is hard water? When water has high levels of naturally occuring minerals that can also trigger hair lossstained teeth, or skin issues. Just because it naturally occurs does not mean it is good for your health – or the health of your flowers. 

Hard water can make your flowers die faster

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Hard Water In A Vase

Hard water can make it harder for your flowers to drink water (because the minerals block the water from flowing up the stems). 

So what can you do? Bottled water is usually the answer. But what kind of bottled water is best?

Types Of Bottled Water

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Bottled Water: Spring

Spring water is naturally filtered underground using the earth as a natural filtration system. It’s collected from springs or boreholes. Spring water is generally more expense but is the highest quality vs mineral content and flowers love it. 

Spring water is the BEST choice to increase the life of cut flowers.

Bottled Water: Purified

Purified water is similar to filtered water but has been processed a little more with steps like reverse osmosis, distillation, or deionization. The end result is far purer than filtered, spring, or tap water.

The downside of this that it can cut the natural nutrients that flowers crave so they don’t thrive quite as much with purfied water as they do with spring water. 

However, this is still a VERY good choice for cut flowers. 

Bottled Water: Filtered

Filtered water is just what it sounds like: you take regular tap water and filter out contaminants. How much is filtered depends on who is doing it. You can buy filters that work on your kitchen sink or you can buy filtered water that aims to remove more dangerous natural elements like arsenic. 

When water is filtered by a large bottled water company they generally use a very high quality filter and this provides a good balance of natural minerals to water purity. 

Filtered water is a good choice for cut flowers. 

Bottled Water: Distilled

Distilled water is a type of purified water but it is also the most processed and least recommended for flower health. 

The process of distilled water is very effective at removing contaminants like bacteria, viruses, protozoa like giardia and chemicals like lead and sulfate. Because distilled water is exceptionally pure, it is commonly used in medical facilities and laboratories. But that purity also means all the natural nutrients are also removed so your flowers (or you) don’t get much out of it so it not recommended as a drinking (or flower) water.

This kind of water is not recommended for cut flowers.

make cut flowers last longer

Use A Fresh Flower Food That Stems Will Crave

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Perk up your flowers so they stay bright and hydrated longer. Now there is flower food for cut flowers with the  extra boost of caffeine.

Flower Food For Cut Flowers With Caffeine

Why caffeine? The same way you crave your first cup of coffee each day, caffeine helps perk up your cut flowers and make them thirsty for a big gulp of water that will help keep them fresh and hydrated longer. 


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It makes you wonder why no one thought of this before!

Coming soon:  optional scents that let you take your fresh flower experience to a whole new level. Featuring scent boosters that turn ordinary vase water into a whole room freshener with natural and organic real flower fragrances!

Flower Boosters is the ultimate solution for how to make fresh cut flowers last longer and smell better than ever before. It is flower food for cut flowers that flowers will crave.

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