Keep Fresher Flowers Longer With A Boost Of Caffeine

Keep Fresher Flowers Longer With A Boost Of Caffeine

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Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
Organic Scents
Organic Scents Or Unscented
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Satisfaction Guarantee

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Make Your Cut Flowers Work Harder With The Power Of

how to keep fresher flowers

It doesn’t matter where you get your flowers: the grocery store, a big box store, even your own garden. We’ll help your cut flowers get the most out of life.

The same thing that wakes you up in the morning can make your flowers stay perky longer too:  caffeine. Our unique  blend gives flowers what they crave to stay fresher longer  — giving you more time to enjoy every flower purchase — and making your money go farther.

But we didn’t stop there…

how to keep flowers fresh in a vase
how to keep flowers fresh in a vase

Most commercial flowers don’t smell much anymore. But we can fix that. 

Flower Boosters has natural, organic scent boosters that turn the water in your vase to a room freshener that makes your flowers, and your home, smell amazing too.

And we also have an unscented version too, for those that just want to make flowers live long without any added scents. It’s up to you.

vanilla and lavender scent

We make ANY Bunch Of Cut Flowers Live Longer And Smell Better Using The Power Of Caffeine

You Don’t Have To Spend A Lot To Enjoy Flowers Every Day

You Can Make $10 Flowers From The Grocery Store Work As Hard As You Do

It only cost a few cents to make your flowers live almost twice as long. 

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Stop Being Disappointed With Flowers That Die Too Quickly

Get Fresher Flowers That Last Longer

Get Fresher Flowers Smell Better

You spend dollars to buy your flowers. It only cost pennies to make them last longer and smell better too!

how to keep flowers fresh in a vase

Do your fresh cut flowers look better or worse after a week? 

These $10 blooms from the grocery store were transformed for a few cents a treatment with Flower Boosters.

fresh cut flowers that last

Seeing Is Believing

Watch 22 Days In 45 Seconds

cut flowers from any source

Use Cut Flowers From Any Source

Costco / Farmer's Market / Grocery Store / Flower Shop / Even Your Own Back Yard

cut flowers that last

Keep Flowers Alive Longer

Most cut flowers will die only a few days after you bring them home. We'll show you how to keep flowers fresh in a vase longer. By adding Flower Boosters to your vase, and following our best practices, you can extend the life a grocery store bouquet to 2 weeks or more.

cut flowers care

Easy To Use

Simple tablets you drop in your vase with fresh water make it simple to keep fresher flowers longer.

cut flowers scents

Natural & Organic Scents

Most commercial flowers don't smell anymore. So we sourced all natural and organic flower scents to turn your flower's water into a whole room air freshener.

fresher flowers unscented

Unscented Too

We also offer an unscented variety for those that just want to keep it simple and just extend the life of cut flowers without additional scents.

how to make cut flowers last

No More Cash In The Trash

When you make your flowers last longer, you make your money go farther too. Stop being disappointed with flowers that fade too quick.

cut flowers that last

Free How-To Guide

Learn Exactly How To Make Sure ANY Flowers Stay Blooming & Healthy

Learn The Common Mistakes That Can Make Your Flowers Die Faster

How To Make Flowers Last Longer Even Without Flower Boosters

Your Everyday Flowers Should Last Every Day You Expect Them To​

Make Your Gift Of Flowers Wow Them With How Good They Look

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How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer

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