Quick Tips On How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

How To Make Fresh Flowers Live Longer

Start By Picking Fresher Flowers

Subtle Signs The Flowers In a Store Are Already Old

When trying to figure out how to make fresh flowers last longer, the first thing you need to do is pick the best flowers out there. Here are some easy tips to make sure you pick the freshest flowers:

  • Stems that have been trimmed at the top. Shops will often trim of buds that have started to droop and whither so the bouquet looks fresher. 
  • No unopened buds. In general, flowers are picked with quite a few unopened buds so the flower industry has time to transport and sell the flowers. No buds can indicate the flowers have already bloomed all their flowers and there will not be a lot of life left in a bouquet.
  • Not very many leaves – again the store will remove leaves that have started to brown. If there are not many leaves that could mean they have been removed to make the bouquet look better.
  • Discolored stems. If the stems are not bright in color or have dark spots that is another sign that the flowers may have suffered some shock in transit or may be old. 
  • Lastly, feel the stems. If the stems are firm and not mushy, this indicates that the flowers are still fresh. If the stems are mushy that means they may have been treated for a significant amount of time in transit or storage. 
Not only will following these easy guidelines ensure how to make fresh flowers last longer, you’ll ensure that your fresh flowers look better. 
How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

How Much Flower Boosters Do You Need In A Vase?

It is extremely important to use the right amount of cut flower food when arranging flowers. Too little and your flowers won’t get the nutrients they need, too much and you run the risk of damaging the delicate petals and stems. 

Most flower foods just have you throw a packet into any vase water, but this is not an effective way to nourish your blooms. Just like you need to drink in the right amount of energy to give you the boost you need, your flowers also need the right amount of food to look their best and stay fresher for longer. 

How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

We recommend using 2 teaspoons of flower food per cup of vase water, or 2.5 tablespoons per quart. Follow these guidelines below and your flowers will thank you for the extra love and care!

How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

Learning how to make fresh flowers last longer is super easy: 

  1. Fill clean vase with about 2 inches of fresh water.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of Flower Boosters powder per cup of vase water ( or 2.5 tablespoons per quart).
  3. Cut 1/2 inch from the stem of each flower and place them in the treated vase water. Cut at a 45 degree angle to give the stem more surface area to absorb water.
  4. Place the flowers in a cool area away from direct sunlight and drafts.
  5. Change the treated water every 2-3 days, using filtered water for best results or tap water if necessary.
  6. Enjoy better looking flowers for longer! 

Maintenance only takes a couple minutes too. Every 2-3 days you should always:

  • Clean the vase
  • Trim the ends of the flowers (so they can drink in the water more easily) – trimming them about 1/2″ should do the trick 
  • Add a couple inches of fresh water to the vase (just enough so the flowers can take a drink)
  • Add another treatment of Flower Boosters. 
  • Keep enjoying your flowers and feel good about getting to enjoy your flowers longer and get the most out of every flower dollar!
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Putting It All Together Only Takes Seconds

It’s really simple to get the most out of your cut flowers. 


But If You Want To Go The Extra Mile...

We recommend using filtered water for the best results, but tap water will also work. 

Generally, it’s best to change the water every 3 days if you are using filtered water and every 2 days if you are using tap water. 

The type of water you choose to use for your fresh cut flowers depends on the quality of the local water in your area. If you have hard water, it can be difficult for the flowers to drink and get the hydration they need to stay healthy and vibrant. If you prefer bottled water, that’s okay too! 

Bottled spring water is the best option, followed by purified or filtered water. Distilled water is not recommended.

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