Don’t Drown Flowers In Vase Water

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How Much Water Do Flowers Need?

Hint: Flowers Can Drown Too

Cut flowers need water in a vase to survive. But too much water can drown your flower stems and make flowers die faster. The key to making your flowers thrive is not drown them in too much vase water!

So how much water do flowers need?  

The stems of a flower are nature’s biodegradable straw. You need to keep out air so they can get suction to take in water from the bottom. But vase water can also break down the stem over time so you don’t want to cover the stem completely. 

It’s best to give your flowers a couple of inches of water at the bottom (mostly so you don’t have to watch the vase level because they CAN drink the vase dry — especially when you first bring them home and they are really thirsty!

But too much vase water can rot the stems and make them die faster so this becomes an important component of how long your flowers can last.

Cup Vs Quart

Flower Boosters tells you to add one spoonful of product for every cup of water in a vase. This is really different from our competitors that tell you to pour their packet powder into a quart of water.

Why do we measure by the spoon rather than putting our product in a packet you can empty into a quart of water? Because how much product you put in your flowers matters. Would you want to drink a beverage that just added flavors or nutrients at random levels? No. And neither do your flowers. Flowers want a tasty mix of energy to fresh water that’s balanced and makes them bloom longer. That’s what we provide.

When you really think about how much a quart is, it’s easy to see that most people are concerned with selling you more product than your flowers need, rather than being concerned with the correct dose for your flowers.


How Much Water Did We Add To this 8" Vase?

Hint: It's not a Quart

We Added A Cup Of Water Here

When a cup of water was added to this 8 inch vase, it looks like a lot more. And adequately covered the stems of the flowers.

But most other flower foods will tell you to add their product to a quart of water. That’s more vase water than  most people use.  

Why the difference?  Most other cut flower enhancers are designed for professional florists to maintain large batches of flowers before they sell them.

They want flowers to endure long travel conditions and stay alive long enough to be sold. They are making large batches of solution to handle lots of flowers. 

We are concerned with making sure flowers bloom better and live longer once you get them home.

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You want Flowers To Live Longer at Home

Your objectives Are Not The Same As the People that Sell Flowers

The biggest difference between Flower Boosters and other products is we want better looking flowers that live longer at home. We are not treating flowers for transit or being moved around a retail store. People that sell flowers want them to be dormant and stay alive long enough to sell them.

Most flowers don’t travel around your house. They need to sit in a vase and bloom and look pretty as long as possible. That’s why we focused on making flowers live longer and look better once you bring them home!

Make Cut Flowers Live Longer

Use A Fresh Flower Food That Stems Will Crave

how to keep flowers fresh in a vase

Perk up your flowers so they stay bright and hydrated longer. Now there is flower food for cut flowers with the  extra boost of caffeine.

Flower Food For Cut Flowers With Caffeine

Why caffeine? The same way you crave your first cup of coffee each day, caffeine helps perk up your cut flowers and make them thirsty for a big gulp of water that will help keep them fresh and hydrated longer. 


fresher flowers

It makes you wonder why no one thought of this before!

And even better, Flower Boosters also has optional scents that let you take your fresh flower experience to a whole new level. Featuring scent boosters that turn ordinary vase water into a whole room freshener with natural and organic real flower fragrances!

Flower Boosters is the ultimate solution for how to make fresh cut flowers last longer and smell better than ever before. It is flower food for cut flowers that flowers will crave.

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