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A Caffeine Boost
To Our Flower Food Ingredients

Just like adding coffee grounds to living plants stimulates growth, our caffeine-infused solution can help your cut flowers perk up and take in the hydration and nutrients they need to stay fresh and beautiful longer!

But it's not just about stimulating flowers. We focused on the nutrition flowers need to thrive! After flowers are cut they have to depend on the vase water for nutrients and we provide only food grade nutrients in our flower food ingredients to ensure flowers last longer because they get what they need.

More Bang For Your Bouquet

Discover the Secret Life of Flowers. Each variety has a unique life cycle, and some, like chrysanthemums, can last 7-10 days in plain water. But our tests, using flowers from a warehouse store, have defied expectations, lasting up to 33 days! The key? It's all about the type of cut flowers you choose, how fresh they are when you buy them, and adding Flower Boosters as a cut flower preservative to your vase water.Flower Boosters is for mixed flower bouquets and is NOT formulated specifically for roses. If roses are mixed in your bouquet see the special care instructions on the package for help with delicate flower care.

A Better Boost

Ditch the Disappointing Packets. Those free fresh cut flower formulas are designed for transit, not longevity at home. They may make flowers look good in the store, but they won't help them thrive after you bring them home. Stop the waste and give your fresh flowers exactly what they need to thrive with a floral preservative that's focused on making flowers last long after purchase.

flower boosters cut flower food

Flower Recommendations

Alstroemeria (also known as Lily of the Incas) is the perfect flower for a cost effective and long lasting flower to start a great new year. Easy to find and reasonably priced they represent wealth, fortune and prosperity. And best of all, with proper care, we've had the flower easily last 20 days with our formula!Most flowers last only 4-7 days Flower Boosters can extend your bouquet's life to an average of 9-20 days (or more!) and helps flowers bloom bigger and look better no matter how long they live.
While Flower Boosters works on a wide variety of common flowers, not all flowers can last 20 days. Our formula was tested for over a year in all the varieties you commonly find in grocery stores, warehouse stores, farmer's markets and even our local flower shops.

If long life is your goal, check out this guide:

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Easy As 1-2-3

1. Trim Cut Flower Stems
2. Place flowers in clean water treated with
3. Flower Boosters flower fresh powder
4. Repeat every 3-4 days

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Curious Pet Proof

Check the label on other products. What do they use?
Most won't tell you. But we do.Worry no more about the safety of your loved ones around a fresh flower preserver that won't share what they use. Flower Boosters boasts transparent labeling that details our non-toxic formula made with food grade ingredients so you can use it with confidence around children and pets or even on edible flowers -- with no harmful chemicals to ensure a quality product you can feel good about using.

Buy Your Cut Flowers Anywhere

We used $10 warehouse store cut flowers in our tests but where you buy your fresh flowers doesn’t matter. Whether you pick up your flowers at the grocery store, farmers markets, your local warehouse store, a fancy florist, or grow them yourself, Flower Boosters will make anybody’s fresh flowers better. Designed to work as general fresh flower food for mixed flower arrangements this unscented formula will enhance a wide variety of flowers helping them live longer, and stronger.

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Delicate Flower Care

Be sure to check out the link on our package for special care instructions related to roses, tulips and daffodils.Flower Boosters is for general mixed flower bouquets and is NOT formulated specifically for roses. If roses are mixed in your bouquet see the special care instructions on the package for help with delicate flower care that will guide you to extending the life of these flowers too!
We are also in the process of releasing a new rose care line so stay tuned for an announcement soon!

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