15 Most Popular Flower Meanings (In Pictures)

flower meanings

The Hidden Meaning Behind Every Flower Purchase

There is a hidden flower meaning behind every flower purchase. 

You might not realize it consciously, but on a subconscious level there is a reason behind every flower purchase.

Sure you need to buy flowers to celebrate an occasion. But why THOSE flowers. Why choose one bouquet over another?

The Flower Meanings that Goes With Every Color

Even a Subtle Color Change Has Flower Meanings

There are subtle and obvious meanings that go with every flower.

Red roses are obviously associated with love and passion. They convey a level of intensity that a white flowers would not. It’s not always obvious. And usually not a deal breaker. But on a subconscious level the differences can make you stop and reconsider the real meaning behind your (and others) actions. 

Keep reading for the 16 most common flower colors and their meanings.

Flower Meanings: Red

The Flower Meaning Love

The most requested color for Valentines Day for a reason. Red is the flower meaning love is most often associated with. This is the color that says your feeling are red hot and there is still a spark.

This is a color that we all relate to on a unconscious level: it says energy, vigor, high emotions. 

Those high emotions can indicate love or war or even a religious fervor.

I love the quote: the opposite of love it not hate, it is indifference.

Red says our passions are running high for whatever reason. Blood is the source of life and red roses are often symbolically placed on graves as both a sign of love, strength and devotion. 

flower meaning love
Flower Meanings RED strength devotion

Flower Meanings: Purple

Purple is the color of luxury or even royalty. It speaks to us about wealth, creativity and even magic (think purple doors). 

For flowers you will will often see purple incorporated into bouquets. A sprig of purple elevates a simple $5.00 bouquet to something that feels more luxurious than it costs. 


flower meaning purple status luxury
flower meaning purple power ambition

Flower Meanings: Lavender

Lavender is a color of purity, serenity and calmness. Look through the cleaning isle and you’ll find “calming lavender” on dozens of products.

While the oil has been used through history for the ability to calm without sedating, the color is also associated with a being relaxed. 

Further, the color of lavender is also associated with the crown chakra, the energy center associated with higher purpose and spiritual connectivity. 


flower meaning lavender purity
flower meaning lavender calm

Flower Meanings: Deep Pink (Fuschia)

A Cheerful, Playful and Bold Color

This is a flower that will stand out in any environment. It draws the eye in a fun and playful way that says you are happy and not taking anything too seriously right now and are not letting life’s stress get you down. 

It can sooth and inspire while also providing a bit of inspiration in the mix.  


flower meaning deep pink fun cheerful
flower meaning deep pink uplifting

Flower Meanings: Pink

Nothing says youthful and feminine as well as pink.

It is a flower color that screams love and kindness in it’s purest forms. It is second only to red in representing the love of Valentine’s Day because it tells us on a subconscious level that love just feels good right now.


flower meaning pink love kindness
flower meaning pink feminine

Flower Meanings: Pale Pink

Pale pink is imbued with the all the innocence and sweetness of new love. It’s a flower that speaks of pure motives and sincere appreciation and gratitude.

This is a flower color that speaks to us in soothing tones that are both romantic and innocent reminding us of first kisses and the promise that life holds.


flower meaning pale pink innocence sweet
flower meaning pale pink appreciation

Flower Meanings: Salmon

A touch of the sweetness of pale pink mixed with the enthusiasm of orange brings a unique twist to this color.

Most often represented in tropical florals, salmon colored flowers are the flower meaning hope, health and happiness. You don’t see it often, but when you do, this color represents a mature and robust approach to love that you will recognize as being something unique that you won’t find all the time and should be cherished while it blooms.


flower meaning hope
flower meaning salmon health happiness

Flower Meanings: Orange

The color of Joy, Success and Freedom

Orange flowers are an expression of freedom, balance, creativity and joy. Not a flower you would expect to get on Valentine’s Day, this is a flower that would arrive to congratulate you for a job promotion, graduation from school, recovery from an illness or as a happy “just because” gift.

Orange flowers speak to us on a level of energy and excitement that has everything to do with the world working in our favor and being on the right track in life. The meaning of orange flowers talks to change being good, and your success being assured.

flower meaning orange joy
flower meaning orange creativity

Flower Meanings: peach

Peach is the flower meaning of being pleasant and friendly. The vitality of these flowers invokes a playful energy that speaks of maturity and encouragment. 

flower meaning peach encouragment
flower meaning peach gratitude

Flower Meanings: Cream

Cream colored flowers radiate calm and modern vibes. They are comforting and sophisticated making things feel new and organized. 

Cream flowers are neutral and relaxing and are a perfect condolence or apology flower gift sending a subdued message that is meant to comfort and soothe. 


flower meaning cream
flower meaning cream comfort

Flower Meanings: White

Pure Love, Innocence or Sympathy

White has long been the flower of purity of emotion. It has long been used at memorial as well as church services.  While red is often associated with passionate love or hate, white flowers are the symbol of peace and contentment. 

White flower meanings are the purest of our emotions being conveyed through a flower. 

White carnations are the flower meaning luck. This symbol of good luck makes a white carnation a great addition to any bouquet because it would be a symbol of both love and luck. 


flower meaning luck
flower meaning white innocence

Flower Meanings: green

Green Flowers are symbol of nature. But the they also represent the flower meaning rebirth and renewal. Green is the color of success and can symbolize good health, good fortune and green lights to your future success. 


flower meaning rebirth
flower meaning green success

Flower Meanings: Blue

Often incorporated into a mixed bouquet, blue flower represent freedom and intuition. Blue is the color of striving. Blue flowers speak to us on a subconscious level about expanding and reaching for the goal that is right out of reach. They represent hope and beauty and a constant search for self-improvement to our lives and environments.


flower meaning blue freedom
flower meaning blue intuition

Flower Meanings: Black

Power, mystery and Endings

Black flowers are not common but are striking in both their appearance and meanings.

The black flower naturally invokes a feeling of power and mystery because of their uniqueness. 

Black flowers can also invoke fear as they are often associated as the flower meanings death and tragic endings.  Or it’s just a Halloween thing. 

While a black flower is the most dramatic of the flower colors there are no true or completely black flowers that grow naturally. There are strains that are bred for the dark color but this is an artificial creation to meet public demand for black flowers. 

So there is nothing to actually fear in this flower’s meaning. Most florists will add dye to other colored roses to make the black or will sell deep-red roses to those who request black. This is a color that exists just for the drama it can create.


flower meaning black mystery
flower meaning black elegance

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