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Flower Food For Cut Flowers That Last

Why Those "Free Packets" Fail You

Wondering how to keep cut flowers alive longer? It’s not just sad to see flowers die too quickly:  it’s downright expensive! But there is a solution: Flower Boosters is a game-changer as a flower food for cut flowers that last. 

We’ll show you exactly why Flower Boosters is a better choice. 

What Sets Flower Boosters Cut Flower Food Apart?

Take a look at the free packet next time you buy flowers: it won’t say anything beyond “cut flower food”. They won’t share their ingredients. Why? Because they don’t have to. Legally they don’t have to say, so they don’t. Is it safe around children and pets? There is no way to know.

We share our ingredients so you can trust we use only quality non-toxic ingredients all sourced and manufactured in the USA. That’s a quality assurance you can’t get anywhere else!

Every component is chosen to give your plants the very best in food grade ingredients you will find in other common foods already in your pantry: 

Sugar: Acting as an energy source, sugar provides the necessary fuel for flowers to unfurl and showcase their full beauty. Sugar turns your vase water into an energy drink for flowers that will perk them up when you bring them home and make them stay alive longer and bloom bigger!

Citric Acid: A gentle acid that mimics the freshness of a sun-kissed morning, preserving the vivacity of your flowers. It helps cut down on bacteria growth and preserves your flowers longer. 

Natural and Artificial Preservatives: Silent guardians working tirelessly to extend the life of your blooms by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. These are food grade preservatives that are commonly used in food production. These are preservatives that you’ll find help keep breads fresh and make foods safe to eat longer or your favorite candy to help it maintain a longer shelf life. We applied these same principles to keeping your flowers alive longer too! 

Dextrose: A natural sweetener that adds a touch of sweetness, complementing the innate beauty of your floral arrangements. Metabolized differently than sugar it provides a unique boost to your bouquets. 

Sorbitol: Balancing moisture levels, sorbitol ensures that your flowers stay hydrated without compromising their structure. It also makes sure your flowers take up water better providing a unique boost of energy and hydration!

Caffeine: Surprisingly, caffeine acts as an energy booster for flowers, contributing to their overall vitality and resilience. Ever heard of adding coffee grounds to garden plants to make them thrive? The same principle is being applied here where caffeine is used to perk up flowers after transportation to your local store. It’s our unique approach to making flowers wake up after being transported in a suspended state from growers far, far away. 

Magnesium Stearate: This compound acts as a lubricant, facilitating the smooth unfolding of petals and maintaining the structural integrity of the bouquet.

Proprietary Blend of Vitamins: A unique combination of vitamins serves as a nourishing cocktail, enhancing the longevity and vibrancy of your flowers.

Why Stands Out: Transparency in Floral Care

While some brands keep their formulas under wraps, at, we believe in transparency. We want you to make informed choices about how you care for your blooms. Our commitment to disclosing the ingredients of our flower food for cut flowers is our way of ensuring you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your floral arrangements.

Elevate Your Floral Experience with Flower Food

In the case of the free packets, you get what you pay for. Those packets won’t help boost your flowers to new heights when you bring them home. They are just a way to try to make you feel like you did your best to keep them alive. But the reality is you can do so much more! Give your flowers a better, longer life by supporting them with a formula that will keep them alive as long as possible!  

We’re not in the business of selling you more flowers. We want to keep every bouquet alive as long as possible!

 By understanding the power of these carefully selected ingredients, you empower yourself to create lasting memories with the enduring beauty of fresh flowers.

Consider Flower Food for Cut Flowers as your ally in preserving the elegance of your floral arrangements. Because when it comes to your blooms, transparency and informed care make all the difference. 🌸


More About Flower Boosters Cut flower Preservative

fresher flowers

make cut flowers last longer

Ordinary Plant Food Or Internet Recipes Won't Do it

Use Flower Boosters for the win.

We hated it when our flowers died to fast. So we experimented with several formulas under we figured out a brand new way to extend the life of our flowers: caffeine.  

Flower Boosters gives your cut flowers an extra burst of energy and makes them live longer — and stronger – – than ever before.

Better than water alone, better than the free packets or DIY recipes. Flower Boosters makes your cut flowers live longer and bloom better!

Flower Boosters is also non-toxic using food grade preservatives that can be used to extend even edible flowers until you are ready to use them.


How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Make Your Cut Flowers Live Longer & Stronger

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