Why Too Much Cut Flower Vase Water Can Kill Flowers Faster

cut flower vase water

Why Too Much Cut Flower Vase Water Can Be Bad

The Surprising Reason Your Flowers Are Dying Faster​

We all love the sight of fresh cut flowers adorning our homes, but did you know that too much water could actually be shortening their lifespan? It’s true – while we instinctively think that filling the vase to the brim with fresh water is the right thing to do, it may be causing more harm than good to your flower investment.

Think about it this way: flowers don’t grow in lakes, so they certainly don’t thrive in a vase full of water. The key lies in understanding how the stems of flowers function. They act like straws, drawing water up from the vase to nourish the blooms. But when submerged in excess water, the stems begin to break down, losing their ability to efficiently hydrate the flowers.

Cut Flower Water Requirements

So, how much water do your flowers really need? The answer might surprise you. Flowers only require enough water to cover the bottom of their stems, ensuring they stay hydrated without drowning. That’s approximately 3 inches of water or about 2 cups in an average-sized vase.

You are aiming for enough water for cut flowers to drink for a couple days before you need to change the water and give them fresh nutrients. Remember, after flowers are cut from their roots you are providing everything they need to keep living from the treated vase water.

By maintaining the proper water level, you’re preserving the integrity of the stems and ensuring they can take in the nutrients they need to continue to thrive in your home.

You will also want to regularly trim the bottoms of the flower stems when when providing fresh water every 3-4 days. When you trim, you want to be cutting into a fresh and uncompromised section of the stem, giving your flowers an extended lease on life — not soggy water logged stems that will have trouble functioning.

In essence, it’s all about finding the right balance – not too much water, not too little. By following this simple tip, you’ll not only prolong the beauty of your flowers but also maximize their vase life.


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