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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for quick answers? You’re in the right place. These are the most asked questions. Let us know if want something added to the list.

Satisfaction & Customer Service FAQ

Absolutely! We are so sure you will love this product we will give you two full weeks to try it out and make sure it works for you. If you are not thrilled with your purchase within 20 days, just send an email to Customer Service at hello@flowerboosters.com and request refund instructions. For multiple pouch orders, 1 package can be opened, all other pouches will need to be returned in unopened and re-sellable condition to receive the refund. We recommend using delivery confirmation to ensure we get your returned shipment. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Flower Boosters is a proprietary blend of carbohydrates and food preservatives along with caffeine and optional natural and organic plant scents. We don’t use any harsh chemicals or bleach so that keeps flowers healthier, longer than ever before. And it makes your flowers smell better too!

However, Flower Boosters is intended only for use on cut flowers and should never be ingested by humans, pets or live plants. 

You can reach out to us via talk/text at 209-232-5111 or via email at hello@flowerboosters.com

We are a USA small business so please allow time for our small staff to get back to you. We’ll be on it as quickly as we can. 

Sorry, that’s a trade secret. 

That depends on the flowers and how long they have been at the store. Flower Boosters will absolutely make your flowers last longer because it helps your flowers take in water and nutrients that extend flower life. The average life of cut flowers is between 4-7 days. We are constantly running time lapse every week so we buy a lot of flowers and our current average is 19.6 days. Some last 14 days and some last 28 days. 

We’re flower consumers too so we buy retail and even we pick out a back bunch now and then. No one can control how long a retailer may have already had flowers on display and that will impact how much time the flowers have available after you bring them home. If you want to see how long we got flowers to last with our formula, check out our time lapse videos to see Flower Boosters in action.

Unfortunately we can’t do that because we don’t control how long a retailer may have had flowers on the shelf before you bought them. All flowers will die after being cut. It’s just a fact of nature. But we do guarantee Flower Boosters with a 20 day money back guarantee. Flowers Boosters will make flowers appear stronger, longer than water alone. Or even longer than just using the free packet that comes with your flowers — or your money back. 

We offer a 20 day money back guarantee. If you try out Flowers Boosters for 2 weeks and are not satisfied, you can return the unused portion of your order (along with the packaging and bonus items) for a full refund (minus shipping). We do not refund shipping fees to or from our facility.

To initiate a refund, simply contact us at hello@flowerboosters.com for shipping instructions.

Your refund will be initiated within 24 hours of receipt of your return.

In general, you should expect your flowers to last 8 days at minimum with our flower treatments, but we have had success up to 28 days (check out our time lapse examples to see Flower Boosters success in action). 


Dissolve 2 teaspoon of Flowers Boosters powder per cup of vase water. Replace water and Flower Boosters formula every 2-3 days for optimal results. Filtered water is recommended but not required.

The free packet of plant food you get with your flowers is the same formula the retailer uses before you buy flowers. The trouble with that formula is it is developed to ensure the inventory looks good until you buy it, often hiding a longer shelf life. After you get flowers home they will suddenly fade. Why, they are not getting what they need AFTER you bring them home to fully develop and bloom. That means you never get the full beauty of your flowers unless you feed them something different! Flower Boosters is developed to give your flowers a longer, better blooming period than ever before!

There are many factors that impact your flower freshness after you bring them home. We address all those needs with comprehensive instructions and a flower food designed specifically to meet the needs of flowers after they arrive to your home.

Keeping flowers at a constant temperature can help extend their lives. Keeping them in a refrigerator overnight can help. But only if you are careful not to get them too cold. This isn’t an option for most people but if you are trying to care for flowers in a church or commercial setting, you may want to look into refrigeration as tool to help you keep your flowers fresh longer.

Most research indicates that a typical cut flower will live 3-5 days in plain water. Florists use commercial chemicals to extend that from 5-8 days. While we can’t guarantee how long your flowers will last because we don’t control how old they are when you buy them, we have been able to extend the life of cut flowers we purchased from Costco up to 24 days! Check our our time lapse to see Flower Boosters in action.

This can be tough. We have been fooled too. The first thing we look for is a lot of cut stems (where they have obviously been trimming the flowers that have already started to die). But often they are hidden in tightly packed bouquets. In general, look for buds that have started to open but are not fully open. Look for areas that may have been trimmed. And make sure the leaves look strong and are not showing wilting. 

But overall, the best thing to do is be sure you buy flowers from a reputable retailer that will take the flowers back if they die suddenly within the first 24-36 hours. Flowers should never die that quickly. 

Always care for your flowers immediately when you bring them home. The longer they are out of water, the more damage you are doing to the flowers and the more you shorten their remaining life. Think of your flowers like a fish out of water. They can’t breathe without fresh, clean water. Be sure to trim the bottoms of the stems (so they can take in a big gulp of water), and place them in a clean vase of fresh water immediately when you bring them home.

When you treat your flowers with Flower Boosters you are giving them the nutrients they need to live a longer, stronger life. It takes more than water to keep you alive and your flowers are no different. 

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Not yet but we plan to be.

Bleach & Sugar Water FAQ

Yes and no. In small quantities bleach can help prevent the growth of bacteria which can kill flowers. But too much bleach and you are basically putting a weed killer on your flowers. That won’t end well. There are actually natural alternatives to bleach to control bacteria. That’s what Flower Boosters uses.

The internet will tell you sugar water works to keep your flowers alive longer. But it can also make your flowers fail faster. Check out our blog post for more on this. 

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