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How To Keep A Flower Alive

What To Put In The Water For Flowers

1. Use Flower Boosters For The Win

how to keep the flowers fresh

Providing your cut flowers with nutrients that will help them better absorb water, encourage blooming and stay healthy is the #1 thing you can do to extend the life of cut flowers.  This alone can help extend your flowers days longer than if you do nothing else. 

Flower Boosters is formulated to:

  • Help flowers better absorb water
  • Keeps flowers hydrated
  • Keeps flowers nourished
  • Encourages booms to open
  • Enhances flower colors, keeping them more vibrant.
  • Helps flowers perform better no matter what the water quality

Want to make your flowers last even longer? Flowers need a little love.

Luckily it’s easy to give your flowers what they need with with as little as a couple minutes every few days.

Keep reading to learn not just how to keep the flowers fresh longer, but you’ll see how to make your cut flowers flourish as much as twice as long as usual. 

How to Keep The Flowers Fresh & Hydrated

2. Cut The Stems

how to keep a flower alive

Cutting the bottom of the stems help the flower absorb water and nutrients better. Without an ability to absorb, it won’t matter what else you try, the flower just won’t get it.

Recutting stems when you change the water is allowing a fresh and unhindered path to keep water and nutrients moving through the stem and up to the flower. 

When cutting the stem you should do it at a diagonal angle – this gives the stem the most surface area to absorb through.  Think of it like making a straw bigger so the flower can gulp down more water.

How To keep Flowers Fresh In A Vase

3. Don't Let The Leaves Touch The Water

how to keep the flower fresh longer

Trim back the leaves on the stems so they are never submerged in water.  Why? Leaves will contaminate the water. Technically, so will the stems but the stems have to be in the water. Trimming back the leaves will cut back on bacteria and make water last longer.

Don't Overlook Fresh Water For Flowers Longevity

4. Change The Water Every 2-3 days

water for flowers

Bacteria grows quickly. Your flowers will succumb to that bacteria and there is no recovery. 

Would you want to drink a glass of water that had been sitting out for several days? Probably not. And your flowers want fresh clean water, just like you do. Changing out the water ensures the flowers can feed from the water and get the nutrients they need to bloom and look fresh.

We’ve all heard the advice to put bleach in the vase water to stop bacteria. But it can only do so much. And too much bleach will kill the cut flowers on its own! The best way to keep bacteria under control is to change the water regularly.

How regularly? If you use filtered water, we recommend changing the water every 3 days for optimal results. If you use tap water, you should change the water more often, probably every 2 days depending on the quality of the water in your area. But hey, life get busy. If you are using Flower Boosters you may be able to go 3-4 days before you change the water. 

Just keep an eye on the water levels! Your flowers may surprise you how much water they take in. And that’s good. Hydrated flowers stay alive longer!

Remember that the better job you do of keeping clean, fresh water in that vase, the more your flowers will reward you with a longer and strong life. Fresh water is essential to ensuring your flowers live as long as possible.  

And don’t forget to add Flower Booster nutrients to every vase of fresh water.  We developed Flower Boosters as an easy to add powder. Just drop 2 spoonful per cup of water in your vase and it will easily dissolve providing the nutrients your flowers crave.

6. Re-Cut Stems When You Change The Water

rinse water for flowers

Fresh Stem Cuts Mean Better Water absorption

Don’t forget to retrim the stems when you change the water. Making sure the bottoms always have a clear path to uptake water is essential. Over time the stem can clog and that makes taking in new water restricted. 

When you make sure the bottoms can always take in moisture and nutrients you are keeping their freeway open for traffic. 

7. Rinse The Stems

rinse stems to keep flowers fresh longer

When you are changing the water, it is also a best practice to rinse the stems of the cut flowers under tap water to remove any bacteria that may be clinging to the stems. You don’t want to contaminate your fresh water, right?

Just like keeping the leaves out of the water, you want to ensure you provide the cleanest environment for your flowers and a little rince before putting them back in clean water will do it. Your flowers will thank you. 

Best Kind Of Water For Flowers

8. Use Filtered Water

filtered water for flowers

If you really want the longest lasting flowers, try using filtered water, instead of tap water. It is a great way to extend the life of cut flowers. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it really can help.

Municipal water can vary from town to town, or even block to block. Hard water can make flowers die faster. Just like you, your flowers want to drink fresh, clean water to feel and look their best.

But heavily treated water will hurt flowers too. Purified is better than distilled water (which is too processed).  Tap water has been proven to be better than distilled water. But purified water  is better than distilled or tap water. 

Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
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