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Better Water For Better Flowers

1. Flower Boosters For The Win

make cut flowers last longer

Providing your cut flowers with nutrients that will help them better absorb water, encourage blooming and stay healthy is the #1 thing you can do to extend the life of cut flowers.  This alone can help extend your flowers days longer than if you do nothing else. 

Flower Boosters is formulated to:

  • Help flowers better absorb water
  • Keeps flowers hydrated
  • Keeps flowers nourished
  • Encourages booms to open
  • Enhances flower colors, keeping them more vibrant
  • Helps flowers perform better no matter what the water quality
How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

How to Keep The Flowers Fresh & Hydrated

2. Cut The Stems

how to keep the flowers fresh

Hey there, did you know that cutting the bottom of the stems can help your flowers absorb water and nutrients better? It’s true! Without a good ability to absorb, it won’t matter what else you try; the poor flower just won’t get what it needs.

Now, here’s a little tip: when you change the water, make sure to recut those stems. This gives your flowers a fresh and unhindered path, allowing water and nutrients to keep flowing through the stem and right up to the flower.

Oh, and one more thing: when cutting the stem, go for a 45-degree diagonal angle. This gives the stem the most surface area to absorb through. It’s kind of like making the straw bigger so your flower can gulp down more water. Trust me, your flowers will thank you for it!

How To keep Flowers Fresh In A Vase

3. Don't Let The Leaves Touch The Water

how to keep the flowers fresh

Hey, let me share another little secret with you: When arranging your flowers, make sure to trim back the leaves on the stems so they never end up submerged in water. You might be wondering why. Well, it’s because leaves can contaminate the water!

I know, I know, technically, the stems can too, but we can’t avoid having them in the water. By trimming back those leaves, you’ll reduce bacteria growth and keep the water fresher for longer. So not only will your flowers be happier, but you’ll also have a cleaner, healthier vase of blooms to enjoy!

Don't Overlook Fresh Water For Flowers Longevity

4. Change The Water Every 2-3 days

water for flowers

Okay, let’s talk bacteria. It grows super fast, and once it gets to your flowers, there’s no turning back. So, what can you do?

Think about it this way: Would you want to drink a glass of water that’s been sitting out for days? Nope, me neither. Your flowers are just like us – they want fresh, clean water to feed from and get the nutrients they need to bloom and look fabulous.

Now, you might have heard about adding bleach to the vase water to stop bacteria. It can help a bit, but too much bleach can harm your flowers. The real secret? Change the water regularly.

How often, you ask? Well, if you’re using filtered water, change it every 3 days for the best results. Tap water? Go for every 2 days, depending on your area’s water quality. But hey, life gets busy! With Flower Boosters, you might even stretch it to 3-4 days between changes.

Just keep an eye on those water levels! Your flowers might surprise you with how much they drink. And that’s a good thing – hydrated flowers last longer!

But remember, don’t drown them. A couple of inches of water is perfect. This keeps the stems from rotting and ensures they can easily take in water for more days. Think of the stems as biodegradable straws – the longer they’re in water, the more they break down. Keep those stems healthy, and your flowers will be happy drinkers.

One last tip: Don’t forget to add Flower Boosters nutrients to every vase of fresh water. We designed it as an easy-to-use powder. Just drop 2 teaspoons per cup of water in your vase, and it’ll dissolve quickly, providing the nutrients your flowers crave.

Fresh Stem Cuts Mean Better Water absorption

5. Re-Cut Stems When You Change The Water

how to keep the flowers fresh

And hey, here’s a little reminder for you: Don’t forget to retrim the ends of the stems when you change the water. It’s super important to keep those bottoms clear for easy water uptake. You see, over time, stems can get clogged, making it tough for them to take in fresh water.

So, next time you freshen up your vase, give those stems a quick trim, and they’ll be good to go! Trust me, your flowers will thank you for it

6. Rinse The Stems

water for flowers

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of changing water, here’s another best practice for you: When you’re swapping out the water, give the stems of your cut flowers a quick rinse under the tap. This helps wash away any sneaky bacteria that might be clinging to the stems. I mean, you don’t want to contaminate your fresh water with that stuff, right?

A little rinse goes a long way in keeping your flowers happy, healthy, and looking amazing!

Best Kind Of Water For Flowers

7. Use Filtered Water

water for flowers

Want to know a secret for the longest-lasting flowers? Try using filtered water instead of tap water. It’s not an absolute must, but it can really make a difference in extending the life of your cut flowers.

You see, municipal water quality can vary quite a bit. Hard water can make your flowers fade faster. Just like us, your blooms want to sip on fresh, clean water to feel and look their absolute best.

But watch out – heavily treated water isn’t great for flowers either. Purified water is better than distilled water (which is a bit too processed). Believe it or not, tap water has been proven to be better for flowers than distilled water. But the real winner? Purified water takes the cake, beating both distilled and tap water for keeping your flowers fresh and beautiful.

Beware of drafts

8. Room Temperature affects Cut Flower Life

how to keep the flowers fresh

Another tip for keeping your flowers fresh and lovely? Keep them in a cool area, away from direct sunlight and heat sources like radiators and air conditioners.

You see, room temperature can really affect the life of your cut flowers. When it’s warm, flowers tend to open and expand faster, but they can also wilt or droop more quickly. On the other hand, cooler temperatures slow down the dehydration process, letting your flowers stay fresh and vibrant for longer.

So, find a nice, cool spot for your blooms, and they’ll reward you with their beauty for days – or weeks –  to come!

Pro Tip

9. Spritz Flowers Daily

how to keep the flowers fresh

But wait, there’s more! Want to know another secret from the pros? Try misting your flowers with water every day. This helps keep them hydrated by replacing the water they lose through transpiration at the bud.

So, take a cue from the experts and give your flowers a refreshing spritz every day. They’ll thank you with their stunning beauty!


Special Flower Needs

Guess what? Not all flowers are created equal. They each have their own unique needs and preferences. Below, we’ve addressed the best practices for roses, tulips and daffodils. 

So, have a look and discover the secrets to making your favorite flowers thrive!

How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

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