Does it damage roses to remove the thorns?

Does it damage roses to remove the thorns

"Truths and roses have thorns about them."

Henry David Thoreau

Can you do it safely or does it damage roses to remove the thorns.

Removing thorns from roses is a common practice for flower growers. Why?

1. Thornless roses are easier to handle and work with in arrangements, bouquets, and garden designs since they don‘t have thorns to worry about. 

2. They are safer to handle since there is no risk of getting scratched or pricked. 

3. Thorns can get caught on clothing and furniture, making thornless roses a better option for households with small children or pets. 

4. Thornless roses are also much easier to transport and store since thorns can be a nuisance during transportation.  

5. They are more aesthetically pleasing, as the absence of thorns makes them look more uniform and polished in bouquets and arrangements.

But does that convenience damage the rose? Actually, no. If done with care, you should be able to remove thorns without damaging the rose itself (and cutting the flower life short). 

But you do have to be careful.

If the thorns are not removed completely, they can tear and damage the petals, sepals, and stem. This can cause the rose to look unsightly and can also decrease its lifespan by allowing bacteria to damage the stem.

The thorns can also cause physical harm to people who are not taking proper care when handling the rose. The thorns can puncture the skin and cause infection or even allergic reactions. It is important to wear protective gloves when handling roses and to be aware of the thorns.

When removing the thorns, it is important to do it safely and carefully. The thorns should be cut off with a sharp pair of scissors or a knife. It is important to make sure that all of the thorns are removed and that none are left behind. If this is not done properly, the thorns can still cause damage to the rose and people who handle it.

It is also important to take care when handling a rose so that its delicate petals are not damaged. People should be aware of the thorns and take care when picking the rose up. The rose should be held at the base of the stem where the thorns are located and avoided when possible.

Why do thorns even exist to begin with? Thorns are an important part of roses defense systems and act as a barrier against predators and other threats. 

When it comes to the health of roses, removing thorns does not have any significant negative impact. In fact, some experts suggest that removing thorns can actually improve the health of roses, since it can help to open up the stem and promote better air circulation. This can help to reduce fungal diseases, mildews, and other common rose ailments.

In conclusion, removing thorns from roses should not damage the flower if done carefully, and it can even be helpful for both aesthetic and health reasons. Removing thorns can make roses more pleasant to handle and arrange, and it can also help to keep the rose bush looking its best. However, it is important to be careful when removing thorns, as it is possible to damage the stem or flower if done incorrectly.

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