does baking soda make flowers last longer?

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Internet Advice: Fact Or Fiction?

Does Baking Soda Make Flowers Last longer?

With so many sources of advice available, it can be difficult to know who or what to trust. Unfortunately, not all advice found on the internet is accurate or reliable. And in this case, it can be just plain wrong. 

Baking soda is a common household staple that is often used for a variety of cleaning and cooking purposes. However, many people don’t realize that baking soda can be bad for cut flowers.

While it may seem like a harmless and helpful way to keep flowers fresh for longer, the reality is that it can actually be detrimental to their health and longevity.

To understand why baking soda is bad for cut flowers, it is important to understand a few basic facts about flowers.

Flowers need the right amount of nutrients, light, and water to stay alive and healthy.

When flowers are cut and placed in a vase, they have a limited amount of nutrients available to them. Without the proper care, they can quickly become wilted and lifeless.

One of the main reasons why baking soda is bad for cut flowers is because it can actually disrupt the delicate balance of nutrients that they need to stay healthy.

When baking soda is added to water, it can cause the pH level of the water to become too high. This can interfere with the absorption of nutrients by the flowers, leading to their premature death.

Additionally, baking soda can also disrupt the oxygen levels in the water. This can cause the flowers to become suffocated, which can again lead to their premature death.

Additionally, the high levels of sodium in baking soda can also be damaging to the flowers, as it can cause the water to become too salty for the plants to survive.

Finally, baking soda can also cause the flowers to become discolored.

This is because of its bleaching properties, which can strip away some of the vibrant colors that flowers have when they are first cut.

Overall, baking soda is bad for cut flowers and should be avoided. Instead, it is best to use plain water and add a few drops of lemon juice to help keep the flowers fresh for longer.

Additionally, be sure to change the water in the vase often and cut the stems of the flowers every few days in order to promote healthy growth.

With these simple steps, you can ensure that your flowers stay vibrant and beautiful for as long as possible.

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How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

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