Cut Flower Food Ingredients

cut flower food ingredients

Why Cut Flower Food Ingredients Matter

If you’re anything like me, you love fresh flowers in your house. Whenever I have guests over, I always try to have a fresh bouquet on the table. But, I’ve always wondered if there was something else I could do to keep my flowers looking healthy and vibrant for longer. After doing some research, I found out that cut flower food can make a big difference!

Cut flower food is a specialized formula that is added to the water in a vase to help extend the life of cut flowers. The chemicals in the flower food provide the flowers with nutrients, help prevent bacteria growth, and help keep the water fresh. And makes your flower dollar go farther.

cut flower food ingredients

But, what’s actually in these flower food products? Well, unfortunately, most commercial cut flower food products don’t detail their ingredients because they don’t have to by law. However, we do know that some contain some harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. How do we know that? Because they are required by law to disclose such chemicals.

One such checmical is Hydroxycarballylic acid, which can cause eye or skin irritations. We know that because this is a chemical used in biodegradable plastics for consumer products and nontoxic and easily degradable solvents, cleaning agents, plasticizers. And it requires a MSDS sheet by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for workers. 

What else is in these cut flower foods is a mystery. Because they don’t HAVE to disclose it, they don’t. 

But Flower Boosters does reveal it’s ingredients. We don’t have anything to hide. We crated something completely unique; a formula that stimulates flowers to bloom bigger and better but is also non-toxic and pet-safe.

Transparency In Our Cut Flower Food Ingredients

When we created Flower Boosters, we did is using non-toxic, food grade preservatives. Essentially, the same preservatives you would find an baked goods or soft drinks. All our ingredients are detailed on the label: sucrose, citric acid, natural and artificial preservatives, dextrose, sorbitol, caffeine, magnesium stearate, and a proprietary blend of vitamins. All of these ingredients are food grade so you don’t have to worry about any dangerous chemicals or toxins. Nothing in there will hurt pets.

What happens if kids or pets eat Flower Boosters? It’s not toxic. But it won’t be good for you either. The preservatives in Flower Boosters would be like eating several Twinkies or other processed foods. It won’t hurt you, so there is no need to panic. But it is designed for cut flowers – not people or pets.

Flower Boosters: No Mystery Cut Flower Food Ingredients

But I feel really good about what I created here. This is a safe and effective alternative to the harsh mystery compounds out there for cut flower care. Not only was it non-toxic, but it was also super effective in keeping my flowers healthy and vibrant longer than I thought possible! That’s why I knew it was something I needed to share.

While most commercial products don’t detail their ingredients, we’re proud to provide a safe and transparent alternatives available that are non-toxic and pet-safe. So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your flowers looking fresh and vibrant, give Flower Boosters cut flower food a try! All our ingredients are food-grade and combined to make sure our cut flower food ingredients are safe AND effective. We make sure your flowers stay healthy and looking beautiful for longer without risking having any mystery chemicals around your children and pets.

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Your Flowers Will Thank you for

That's Non-Toxic To Pets As well

Cut Flower Food That Keeps Flowers Energized With Caffeine To Live Longer And Bloom Bigger

Use A Fresh Flower Food That Stems Will Crave

how to keep flowers fresh in a vase

Perk up your flowers so they stay bright and hydrated longer. Now there is flower food for cut flowers with the  extra boost of caffeine.

Flower Food For Cut Flowers With Caffeine

Why caffeine? The same way you crave your first cup of coffee each day, caffeine helps perk up your cut flowers and make them thirsty for a big gulp of water that will help keep them fresh and hydrated longer. 


fresher flowers

It makes you wonder why no one thought of this before!

Coming soon:  optional scents that let you take your fresh flower experience to a whole new level. Featuring scent boosters that turn ordinary vase water into a whole room freshener with natural and organic real flower fragrances!

Flower Boosters is the ultimate solution for how to make fresh cut flowers last longer and smell better than ever before. It is flower food for cut flowers that flowers will crave.

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