Memory Magic: Memory Improvement With Fresh Flowers

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Forgetting Where You Leave Your Keys?

Fresh Flowers Can Help With Memory Improvement!

Aging does not have to mean accepting a decline in memory. While this may be the case for some, there are numerous activities that people over 55 can engage in to help them stay healthy, mentally and emotionally flexible. One of these activities is the enjoyment of fresh cut flowers. Yes, really! 

A study published in Evolutionary Psychology showed that when people aged 55+ were presented with fresh cut flowers, there was a significant increase in positive mood reports and episodic memory improvement.

What is episodic memory?

Episodic memory is a type of long-term memory associated with the recollection of experiences and specific events in one’s life. An example of an episodic memory statement someone could make would be: “I remember the first time I went to the beach with my family when I was five years old.”

Regular memory includes things such as facts, concepts, and skills (like riding a bike or driving a car). 2+2=4 would be an example of regular memory. 

Why Is Episodic Memory Improvement Important?


1. Enhanced Creativity: Episodic memory improvement can help foster creative thought, as it allows for the recall of multiple sources of information. This can help people think outside the box and come up with new solutions to problems.

2. Improved Focus: Episodic memory improvement helps us to focus on the task at hand, as it allows us to link memories to the present moment. This can help us to stay motivated and on track with our goals.

3. Strengthened Working Memory: Episodic memory improvement can also help strengthen our working memory, which is the ability to remember and manipulate information in the present moment. This can help us to more effectively store and process information.

4. Improved Decision-Making: By having a better grasp of our past experiences, we can make more informed decisions, as we can better weigh our past experiences and draw on them as we make decisions in the present so episodic memory improvement is really the key to a sharper mind.

 memory improvement

This study is very interesting as it shows that something as simple as presenting a person aged 55+ with fresh cut flowers can help in so many ways. By approaching memory improvement by first impacting mood, it unlocks a quick, healthy and enjoyable way to enhance cognitive functioning. While the exact mechanism for this memory improvement is unknown, it could be due to the pleasure that the participants derived from the flowers. It is known that positive moods improve memory processes (Isen, 1999; Levine and Burgess, 1997) and serve as a buffer against stress, so it is possible that the flowers provided a pleasant distraction, which in turn helped to improve the participant’s mood and memory.

The Gift Of Memory Improvement

However it happens, the study showed clear results in memory improvement with a simple gift of flowers. 

The results of this study are highly encouraging and suggest that gifting fresh cut flowers may be a great way to help people aged 55+ stay mentally and emotionally engaged. Not only can flowers provide a pleasant distraction and improved mood, but they can also provide a reminder of the beauty of life and may even help to reduce stress.

 Fresh cut flowers may be an inexpensive and simple way to help them maintain a positive mood and jump start memory improvement. The results of this study suggest that fresh cut flowers may be a great way to help people aged 55+ stay mentally and emotionally engaged in an easy and enjoyable way!

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