See The Time Lapse Video of A $10 Bouquet Lasting 20 Days

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Time Lapse Video

20 Days Of Flower Boosters

In 40 seconds we’ll show you how Flower Boosters transformed a $10 bouquet and kept it going for over 20 days. 

Honestly, I was not sure this bouquet was going to do that well. It looked a little dark when I bought them, but they brightened right up with Flower Boosters and just kept getting better. 

But it didn’t actually end there. The flowers were pruned back and actually make it a another two days. That’s 22 full days of flower freshness from a $10 bouquet!

Check out this time lapse from December 2022. 

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This isn’t unusual. Almost all our bouquets last 18 days or more. Why “almost” all? Why don’t all flowers last that long? 

It really depends on how fresh the flowers are to start. Unfortunately flowers don’t tell you when they were picked. Or how far they had to travel. That makes a big difference on how longer you can expect to extend the life of cut flowers.

So what should you do to get flowers to live longer?

1) Always make sure the flowers are fresh when you buy them. Check to be sure the flowers in the bouquet don’t have alot of trimmed heads. That’s a sure sign the flowers may have already bloomed most of the flowers and the store has pruned them to appear better for sales.

2) check the leaves. When the leaves fall off or appear dry, that can be a sign of stress in the stems and you should keep looking for a fresher bouquet.

3). Check the stems for firmness. Stems that have been submerged in water too long may feel mushy be discolored. You want firm stems that will function well to continue to take in water and keep the flowers hydrdated.

4) Make sure you provide proper nourishment when you get them home. Most retailers are concerned with keeping flowers suspended so they can be sold. But once you get them home you want them to bloom and last. That means giving them the nutrients they crave to stay fresh and vibrant longer. 

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Give Your Flowers The Boost Of Caffeine They Crave

How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Here is another time Lapse Video In action

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