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When you purchase Flower Boosters direct from our website you’ll get the best deal anywhere! Sure, Amazon is convenient, but their rules and fees imposed on small business like ours is what contributes to higher prices for everyone. 

We’re focused on giving the best value possible to our customers. That’s why we searched for new packaging vendors (still in the USA) and passed those savings back to our customers in a larger package AT THE SAME PRICE. And we’re passing on the Amazon fee savings to you as well!

When you buy direct you’ll not only receive our top-quality flower care solution that can make cut flowers last up to 20 days or more — you’ll also enjoy the added convenience of a pair of stainless steel spring loaded flower scissors and a precision measuring scoop for fast and easy flower care.

All for a great price you won’t find anywhere else!

While other companies raise prices and lower package sizes, we’re taking another approach: we passed the savings on to YOU!

We’re not crazy. We consider giving back profits to better serve our customers an investment in the future.

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