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Located in the central valley of California about as far from movie stars and beaches as you can get, we live in the heart of farm country. And flowers.

We love fresh cut flowers. But were always disappointed by how quickly they fade.

When we looked into commercial formulas we were soon disturbed that most companies won’t share their ingredients because they are legally not required to. 

And DIY formulas you find on the internet didn’t seem to work any better than the free packets that come with flowers (which didn’t seem to work at all).

That started our quest to find the best way to make our flower dollars go farther. And the birth of Flower Boosters.

We’re a small business that created this formula after more than a year of trial and error — and proudly share the ingredients we use so you can feel good about what you are keeping in vase water around children and pets. Our formula is non-toxic and really works!

This isn’t one of those rebranded products someone purchased from China and calls it their own– Flower Boosters is an entirely new way of treating cut flowers that keeps them alive longer while delivering a unique product createdsourced and manufactured 100% in the USA with only quality ingredients you can trust to keep cut flowers alive longer and be safe to use in your home

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