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Flower Boosters
Cut Flower Enhancer

Make cut flowers last up to 20 days or more. 

The average life of cut flowers is only 4-7 days but it’s easy to make your flower gifts last longer. A lot longer.

how to make cut flowers last longer

CAFFEINEcontrol caffeine Reduction

Fast relief from caffeine addiction. 10x faster than a cup of coffee so less caffeine works better. 

Break your caffeine addiction and take back control of your caffeine habit.

DoodleyDay Double Sided 3-d stickers

Real double sided 3-d stickers that make planners and notebooks really POP! 

Unique and one-of-kind. Get stickers that get noticed.

Remote Mind Tools App

Remote Viewing & Associative Remote Viewing Target Creation App. Allows Personalized Questions/Answers  Anytime, Anywhere

Coming in 2024

remote mind tools

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