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But It didn't End On Day 20

Follow our blog post to see how we extended the life of this bouquet even farther.

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Imagine Keeping Cut Flowers Alive Longer

It’s Easy If You Try

It doesn’t matter where you buy flowers. It could be a fancy florist or a market down the street. It’s always a disappointment when they die too fast.

It’s especially disappointing for a gift of flowers to fade too fast.

keep cut flowers alive longer

Craving Flower Freshness?

How long Do Your Cut Flowers Usually Last?

Usually not as long as we want.

The reason cut flowers die too quickly is they are being starved to death. 

If you just bring your flowers home, drop them in water with the free packet of food you’ll make your flowers die faster than they need to. 


Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

We had overhead lighting issues here, but the results are still clear! 

One half was treated with the free packet that came with the flowers. The other half were treated with Flower Boosters.

It’s not your imagination: those free packets don’t help much.

keep cut flowers fresh

It's Easy To keep Cut flowers alive longer

Flowers are like people: they need to eat and drink. But most flowers are starved and thirsty.

Flower Boosters gives flowers the food they need and the ability the drink water so they stay hydrated. That means long lasting flower freshness.

Flower Boosters
Will Make Any Flowers Live Longer
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