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Are you a Cut Flower Lover with a strong social media following of friends, family or professional followers?

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Join our exclusive influencer program and become part of our community of enthusiasts who are dedicated to honest and unbiased reviews.

Why Choose us?

Fake reviews are a significant online problem. While 6 in 10 customers rely on reviews, a recent study estimates that 43% of Amazon reviews are fake. At Flower Boosters, we’re committed to authenticity and trust.

Our Solution:

We’ve created an influencer program to give real people the chance to share real opinions. Join us and make a difference!

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Influencer Program Benefits:

  • Get Free Product: Receive complimentary products to test and review.
  • Share Your Voice: Your opinions matter, and we want to hear them.
  • Impact Others: Help fellow flower loving enthusiasts make informed decisions.

How It Works

  1. Apply: Submit the application form below and share your social media handle or Amazon profile so we can evaluate how you fit our brand.
  2. Review Process: We’ll evaluate the quality and strength of your reviews and suitability of your online presence to determine eligibility.
  3. Purchase & Review: If selected we’ll give you an authorization code and direct you where to purchase our product on Amazon and post your fair and unbiased review.
  4. Refund: After your review has posted, we’ll refund your full purchase price (we cannot refund Amazon shipping charges if you are not a Prime Member). Your review will be marked as “Verified Purchase” on Amazon and increase your social media influence while we help give our customers the real advice they need to make a real decisions.

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NOTE: We will never sell or share your data. Your application will only be used internally at Influencer approval may be scheduled, delayed or wait-listed based on demand and this program may undergo periodic evaluations and adjustments to ensure its effectiveness and quality. We strive to review applications promptly, but due to the volume of submissions, there may be delays in processing. Your patience is appreciated as we work to ensure each applicant receives thorough consideration. Thank you!

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