Wondering How Long Flowers Last? 3 Ways They’ll Last Longer

how long flowers last
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How Long Flowers Last Depends On Several Factors

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Do You Care How Long Flowers Last?

Cut flowers are a popular gift and decoration, but one of the biggest challenges for those who receive or purchase them is making them last as long as possible. People often expect their cut flowers to last for at least a week or more, but in many cases, they may only last for a few days. The question is, do you care how long flowers last?

There have been several studies on the subject of how long people expect their cut flowers to last. A study conducted by the Society of American Florists found that the average consumer expects cut flowers to last for seven to 10 days. This expectation is based on the fact that many consumers believe that cut flowers should be a long-lasting and low-maintenance gift or decoration.

However, the reality is that the longevity of cut flowers is often determined by several factors, such as the quality of the flowers, the care they receive, and environmental conditions

For example, if the flowers are not properly hydrated or if they are exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, they may wilt and die more quickly.

Despite these challenges, those that grow and sell flowers have not just given up on creating a better flower. There are actually improvements to the process that should make you feel better about your flower purchase being worth you investment. 

Behind the scenes there are actually improvements in flowers in several areas:

Breeding and Cultivation: The flower industry has been working to breed and cultivate new varieties of flowers that are more durable and long-lasting. This has been achieved through the development of new breeding techniques and the use of high-quality growing materials, such as specialized soils and fertilizers.

Why should you care? Most flowers are grown far away from where you are buying them so improvements in how durable a flower is from the start will translate to a longer lasting flower in your home. 

Post-Harvest Care: There has also been an effort to get out the word that cut flowers will thrive with a little basic care. No one wants to spend a lot of time caring for cut flowers, but knowing what is important can mean you spend just a couple minutes to keep your flowers weeks longer. 

By  investing in post-harvest care techniques in your home, you can easily extend how long flowers last. What kind of techniques? Something as simple as using a specialized solution or treatment can help preserve the flowers and prevent them from wilting or dying prematurely.

Packaging and Transport: There has also been improvements in how flowers are packaged. The sleaves that come with your flowers actually serve a couple of purposes: reducing damage and giving you instructions.  

One of the reason a local florist can be worth the extra money is they often buy better flowers from sources that care about quality at every step. That can mean your flowers are treated better before you buy them, being picked and packed with extra care to ensure they arrive looking their best and will last longer than average.

how long flowers last

Behind the scenes are there are also packages that reduce damage in transport and reduce damage at retail to extend how long flowers last. This has been achieved through the use of specialized containers, temperature-controlled transport systems, and other innovative solutions. 

Flowers are big business, generating over $7 billion a year in sales.  But it’s an industry that depends on people buying something that can’t last forever, so It won’t stay a big industry if people are not satisfied with their flower purchases and keep returning for more — so you can bet there will be many innovations in the future as well. 

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