The Perfect Flower Bouquet On A Budget

The perfect flower bouquet does not need to be expensive. If fact, it can start with flowers as simple as the $5.99 special from the grocery store.

The Perfect Spot For Your Perfect Flower Bouquet

Once you have selected the ideal flower bouquet for your lifestyle and budget, you need to decide where to put them.

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Artificial Light Or Natural Light?

Too much light, in general, will make your flowers fade. Both in color and flower life.

Make sure you pick a spot out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources to make sure your flower bouquet won’t be damaged. 

Natural light has a light spectrum that helps plants grow. But fresh cut flowers will never grow again. So artificial light won’t matter to cut flowers because they can’t grow and the lack of a light spectrum won’t impact them. 

But you can make them grow anymore, you can stimulate them to fully bloom and perform longer in their cut state.

The most important element will be fresh, clean water.

How Much Water & What Kind Of Water

The key to keeping a flower bouquet fresh longer will be getting them to drink water.

But it’s actually more complicated than just putting them in clean water.

Fresh cut flower bouquets need to be simulated to take a drink. Carbohydrates usually help stimulate them and get them to take water up the stems.

Flower Boosters takes this one step further and stimulates them with a boost of caffeine that helps make them take a nice big gulp of water, hydrating the flowers and making them appear fresher and fuller, longer.

Water Temperature

Don’t overlook water temperature either. Flowers don’t like cold water. Room temperature is best. But moderately warm is ok too. 

Like a baby bottle formula, test it on your wrist. If it’s too hot for the skin of your wrist, it’s too hot for your flower bouquet too.

Keep That Water Clean

You’ll notice that the water in a vase will get murky and smell bad if it’s not cleaned. 

In fact, dirty water is the quickest way to kill your fresh cut flower bouquet. 

Water in a vase should ideally be changed every day. But hey, life it busy. You can push it from 2-3 days safely. But by day 4, you need to be aware there is probably quite a bit of bacteria building up in that vase and it is slowly eating away at home long your flowers can live.

Rule of thumb: the more you change the water the better.

Flower Food

Carb loading is not just for runners. Flowers like carbs too.

But not too much. Too much carbs (most cut flower formulas rely on sugar) can cause your flowers to fail sooner. It’s called “failure to thrive”. You are basically killing your cut flowers with a sugar high. It’s all about finding the right balance.

With Flower Boosters we use low carbs and caffeine. And a propriety blend of vitamins and minerals to make sure the water won’t harbor nasty bacteria that will attack your flowers and kill them before their time.

Some internet sites will tell you bleach will help. And it will. If you get the balance between bleach and sugar right. If you get it wrong, you’ll kill your flowers faster. 

We tested several common recipes and learned much of this advice will kill your flowers in less than 24 hours. Those sites don’t care. They got your click and moved on.

Removing Dead Flower Heads

Dead flowers will happen. Not all of your flower bouquet started blooming at the same time — and all the blooms won’t all die at the same time either. 

But it is super important to cull out the dead flowers right away.

When a flowers starts to wilt and drop it’s petals, it’s time to cut it lose. If you don’t trim it out it will emit a gas that will kill the other flowers faster too.

But when you do trim out the dead (or dying) flowers, you can expect to get a smaller bouquet that can last up for 25 days. 

Just move the remaining flowers to a smaller vase and you still have a “cute” flower bouquet to enjoy into the 3rd week (and maybe beyond)!

If you follow these easy steps you will get to enjoy your perfect bouquet longer than you every thought possible.,


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