How To Pick The Freshest Fresh Flowers From Any Store

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Tricks Of The trade

How To Pick The Freshest Fresh Flowers

When you buy flowers in a store those fresh flowers may not be as fresh as you think. 

One of the secrets of the flower trade is to trim off dead or dying flowers to make a bouquet appear fresher. 

Trimmed stems at the top of a bouquet can signal a bouquet that is not as fresh as it could be.

Retailers want to maximize their profits by selling as much as their inventory as they can. YOU need to pick the freshest bouquet so it can live longer when it comes to your home.

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Look A The Stems


The stems are another way to tell that the flowers may be older than you want. 

Look for stems that are vibrant and healthy looking. Discoloration is often the first sign a flower buds are going to start fading soon. 


Make sure the stems are firm. Stems that are limp or mushy may have been overtreated in transit and are not likely to live much longer. 

Look A The Leaves

If you don’t see very many leaves that probably means they have been removed to make the flowers appear fresher. 

Leaves will often fade first as flowers are in distress and dying. Florists will remove them at the end of the day so they can get another day to sell them.

Look At The Flowers

The flowers should be a good mix of unfurled buds and opening flowers. Remember these flowers are picked for transport first so they will not start to unfurl until they reach their retail destination. 

If there are no buds that probably means the flowers are older and have already extended all the blooms they have. They won’t last more than a few days in this condition. 

The General Condition Of Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers won’t have wilting in the flowers, stems or leaves. This is a sign of distress or shock and means the flower will have very limited life at this point. 

The Sneaky Way You Sometimes Get Tricked

Sometimes you’ll have to pull back the wrapping and look for the condition of flowers on the INSIDE of the bouquet as well. This can be hard since flowers are usually packed in a tight bouquet. 

For me, if I get fooled by this kind of behavior, it means I won’t buy again from a vendor that does this. But it is something to be aware of.

make cut flowers live longer

Flowers can live longer than you think if they get the right care. 

Use A Fresh Flower Food That Stems Will Crave

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Perk up your flowers so they stay bright and hydrated longer. Now there is flower food for cut flowers with the  extra boost of caffeine.

Flower Food For Cut Flowers With Caffeine

Why caffeine? The same way you crave your first cup of coffee each day, caffeine helps perk up your cut flowers and make them thirsty for a big gulp of water that will help keep them fresh and hydrated longer. 


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It makes you wonder why no one thought of this before!

And even better, Flower Boosters also has optional scents that let you take your fresh flower experience to a whole new level. Featuring scent boosters that turn ordinary vase water into a whole room freshener with natural and organic real flower fragrances!

Flower Boosters is the ultimate solution for how to make fresh cut flowers last longer and smell better than ever before. It is flower food for cut flowers that flowers will crave.

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